Hogan, Cecilia

Cecilia Hogan is a development researcher at the University of Puget Sound . She is the former president of the Washington state chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA) and served on APRA’s international board of directors from 1999-2002. Cecilia has been one of the volunteer editors of the Web site and monthly newsletter, Internet Prospector, for more than seven years. Internet Prospector has received kudos from many of fund raising’s primary news sources and support organizations.

Cecilia has made presentations about prospect research at regional and national conferences for grant writers, development officers and researchers. She oversaw production of APRA’s scholarly journal, Connections, during her board term. With David Lamb, the primary contributor to this book, Cecilia pioneered the first Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) electronic course for prospect researchers. Cecilia has also taught the research component of one of the fund-raising courses at the University of Washington for the past two years.

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