Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean when you say your authors earn a “passive, residual income in perpetuity?”
A. When we sell a book or handbook written by one of our expert fundraisers, we pay the author for every copy sold, forever. We say this income is “passive” because the author does not have to do anything to earn it other than write the product once. We say this income is “residual” because the author is paid regularly. We say the income is “in perpetuity” because we set no time limit on the arrangement. As long as Expert Fundraiser is selling an author’s product, that author will receive a royalty on every sale.

Q. What is the size of the royalty authors receive when their book, handbook or special report sells on Expert Fundraiser?
A. Expert Fundraiser pays its authors 50% of the list price.

Q. What qualifications do you look for in an author before selling that author’s products?
A. We look for many qualities in potential authors. At a minimum, the author must:

  1. be a full-time fundraising practitioner or consultant
  2. have at least five year’s experience in fundraising
  3. have at least one area of specialization, such as major gifts or online fundraising
  4. have written articles about fundraising, and had them published in industry trade journals
  5. have written at least one information product (book or special report, for example) that we can sell on Expert Fundraiser as a digital download

Q. What format are the products that authors sell on Expert Fundraiser?
A. Authors can sell any product that can be delivered electronically. This includes Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Microfost Excel documents, images and recordings in MP3 format. We do not sell any “hard goods” such as hardcover and paperback books, just digital downloads.

Q. What types of information products can authors sell on Expert Fundraiser?
A. Books, handbooks, manuals, textbooks, special reports, articles, checklists, how-to guides, and more.

Q. What criteria do you look for in an information product before selling it on Expert Fundraiser?
A. Before we list a product for sale, we like it to:

  • meet a pressing need that all fundraisers have, such as acquiring donors and raising money
  • cover a topic that is an inch wide and a mile deep (we’d prefer to sell a 40-page handbook on “How to Run a Successful Silent Auction” than publish a 300-page book on “Introduction to Special Event Fundraising)
  • be filled from front to back with practical tips, how-to advice, and steps that fundraisers can implement right away
  • be well written
  • be in a format that is ready to sell electronically, such as Adobe PDF
  • arrive at our offices complete with an electronic image of the cover and promotional copy that we will use to sell it
  • be just one of many products from the author that we can sell
  • be written by an author who is willing to write multiple articles for the Expert Fundraiser newsletter during the year (each article will subtly promote one of the author’s products)

Q. How can I start selling my information products on Expert Fundraiser?
A. Complete our simple online application form. We will review your application and get in touch.

Q. What are the benefits to me if I sell my information products on Expert Fundraiser?
A. They are many. Here are a few.

  1. You earn a 50% royalty forever on every product that sells, without doing any work
  2. You demonstrate your expertise to hundreds of thousands of website visitors (including potential clients and employers) through
  3. You reach an audience of over 8,000 fundraising professionals worldwide through our weekly email newsletter, Expert Fundraiser
  4. You receive free promotion with your own profile on our Experts page. This profile includes a short bio, photo, list of articles you have published on, and a list of your ebooks and other information products for sale at
  5. You drive traffic to your website with a clickable link on your bio page
  6. You promote your ebooks and other information products with every article you write, since every article contains links to all your articles and products on

Q. Who owns the copyright to my book or other information product if I sell it on Expert Fundraiser?
A. You own the copyright. Expert Fundraiser owns the right to sell the product electronically.

Q. If I sell my book on Expert Fundraiser, can I also sell it myself elsewhere?
A. Yes, all that we ask is that you sell it for the same price as it sells for on, or more, but not less.

Q. How do I track the sales of my products on
A. We create an affiliate account in your name and assign your ebook to your affiliate account. You receive a username and password to access your affiliate page on our shopping cart to review your sales figures for each ebook you sell through us.

Q. How and when do I get paid my royalty?
A. Expert Fundraiser pays all royalties four times a year, every three months. You are paid by PayPal.

Q. Do I need to have a PayPal account to receive my royalty?
A. Yes. The only exception is if your royalties are over $200 each quarter, in which case we are willing to pay you by cheque.

Q. What currency will I be paid in?
A. Canadian dollars.


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