Get Paid for Your Fundraising Expertise by Writing for Expert Fundraiser

Want to get paid twice for being a fundraiser?

Write for Expert Fundraiser.

Alan Sharpe, our publisher, is ready to pay you a one-time flat fee or an ongoing royalty for putting your knowledge of fundraising down on paper.

If you are an expert in at least one area of fundraising, and if you know enough to write a how-to guide on your topic, Alan wants to hear from you.

If your area of specialization is one that Alan feels is in high demand, he will commission you to write a special report, handbook or ebook on your topic, and pay you for your efforts.

Here are the topics that Expert Fundraiser needs your help with:

  • Raising money from local businesses
  • Facebook fundraising
  • How to run a silent auction
  • How to manage third-party fundraising events
  • How to use social media to raise money for your next special event
  • How to get free radio, TV and print publicity for your charity or event
  • How to organize and run a walkathon or run
  • How to organize and run a fundraising dinner
  • How to organize and run a fundraising gala
  • 101 products to sell at your next fundraiser
  • How to raise funds with online peer-to-peer tools and team fundraising webpages
  • How to use YouTube for fundraising
  • Where to look for grants
  • How to write a grant proposal
Want to earn a flat fee or royalty for your expertise

If you have written (or are willing to write) a book, handbook, textbook or other helpful resource, learn how you can get paid in for your expertise by writing for Expert Fundraiser.

Write for Expert Fundraiser

Have you written fundraising articles that deserve to be here, read by tens of thousands of your peers (and potential clients)? Then write for Expert Fundraiser.

Legacy Fundraising: Why You Must Start a Bequest Marketing Program Now

By Alan Sharpe, CFRE
Never before has there been more money available to your organization than right now.

Members of the “Greatest Generation,” those who lived through the Great Depression and the Second World War, now in their 80s and 90s, are collectively leaving billions of dollars to charitable causes in the United States and Canada.

Their preferred vehicle for giving isn’t a check. Or a credit card. It’s a simple charitable bequest in their Will. If you are not marketing your bequest program to this generation with all the resources you have available, you are missing what many are calling the greatest opportunity in the history of fundraising. [Read more…]

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