Get Paid for Your Fundraising Expertise by Writing for Expert Fundraiser

Want to get paid twice for being a fundraiser?

Write for Expert Fundraiser.

Alan Sharpe, our publisher, is ready to pay you a one-time flat fee or an ongoing royalty for putting your knowledge of fundraising down on paper.

If you are an expert in at least one area of fundraising, and if you know enough to write a how-to guide on your topic, Alan wants to hear from you.

If your area of specialization is one that Alan feels is in high demand, he will commission you to write a special report, handbook or ebook on your topic, and pay you for your efforts.

Here are the topics that Expert Fundraiser needs your help with:

  • Raising money from local businesses
  • Facebook fundraising
  • How to run a silent auction
  • How to manage third-party fundraising events
  • How to use social media to raise money for your next special event
  • How to get free radio, TV and print publicity for your charity or event
  • How to organize and run a walkathon or run
  • How to organize and run a fundraising dinner
  • How to organize and run a fundraising gala
  • 101 products to sell at your next fundraiser
  • How to raise funds with online peer-to-peer tools and team fundraising webpages
  • How to use YouTube for fundraising
  • Where to look for grants
  • How to write a grant proposal
Want to earn a flat fee or royalty for your expertise

If you have written (or are willing to write) a book, handbook, textbook or other helpful resource, learn how you can get paid in for your expertise by writing for Expert Fundraiser.

Don’t Measure Fundraising Costs, But Cost-Effectiveness.

By Alan Sharpe, CFREThe only number in fundraising that matters is net revenue.

Net revenue is the money you have left over after you subtract your fundraising expenses from your fundraising income. Net revenue is the only money you can do mission with. The more net revenue you have, the more good you can do in the world.

You would think that board members would encourage their charities to raise as much net revenue as possible. But plenty of them don’t. They instead obsess over fundraising costs, and pressure their fundraising staff to cut fundraising costs wherever possible.

This is foolish and short-sighted. It’s the equivalent of cutting your office energy costs in half by not heating in winter and not air conditioning in summer. And losing all your employees. [Read more…]

Don’t Watch Fundraising Costs, But Cost-Effectiveness

By Alan Sharpe, CFRE
I received an email from a fundraiser who is about to lose her job. Her board of directors has decided they cannot afford her salary. They see her salary as just a line item in the budget, one found under the heading of Costs rather than Income. They blame their decision on the recession. I blame the board. And I sympathize with my fellow fundraiser. [Read more…]

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