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Charity Golf Tournaments: Five Ways to Raise Funds with Your Next Golf Fundraiser

By Frank MacGrath
1. Player Registration Fee
Your organization needs to determine what registration fee is marketable in your geographic area, while still covering all hard costs (green fees, power carts, meals, taxes, etc.) and providing a per-player financial contribution over and above that cost, so that each registration contributes to your overall net profit.

While registration fees for charity tournaments will vary from city to city and course to course, it is important to bear in mind the market rate of a round of golf, cart, lunch and dinner at the chosen course. Many tournaments then add a range of $25-$50 over and above those costs as the basis for the registration fee.

The Organizing Committee might want to research what other charity golf tournaments have charged at the selected course in determining the player registration fee. You should also get a sense from your Committee members what the golfers likely invited to this tournament will be willing to pay to participate. This will help not only with budget planning, but also with selecting a golf course that meets your group’s pricing expectations.

2. Sponsorship Revenue
For budget purposes we recommend that sponsors be divided into categories and that any benefits given to sponsors (eg. complimentary foursome for a title sponsor) be recognized in the budget either as “less player registration revenue” or as “additional player cost.”

3. Day-of-Event Fundraising & On-Course Activities
Several on-course activities can raise money on the day of your golf tournament. These activities include sales of contest packages at registration, mulligans, and raffle and draw tickets.

4. Auctions
Many tournaments will have either a silent or a live auction (and some events have both). The Organizing Committee should assign two members to coordinate what items will be auctioned and if they will be auctioned with a silent bid (signing up on a sheet) or via a live bid run by the emcee or auctioneer.

5. Donations
Some corporations or individuals who wish to support your organization either may not golf or may not be able to attend on your tournament date. Ensure that your registration package includes the option for a direct donation.

Excerpted from The Complete Handbook for Planning, Implementing and Sustaining a Successful Fundraising Golf Tournament by Frank MacGrath. See this book and others on event fundraising at

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