Allen, Nick

Nick has 25 years of experience in building nonprofit organizations, raising money, organizing, and media and public relations. He founded Donordigital when he was director of creative and consulting services at Mal Warwick & Associates, the direct mail firm. He has worked as executive director (and founder) of Neighbor to Neighbor, and Washington director of the Fenton Communications public interest PR firm. In the early 1990s, he spent three years based in Prague, training environmental activists across Central and Eastern Europe. With Mal Warwick, Nick founded Donordigital in 1999. Nick was co-editor of the first book on online fundraising, Fundraising on the Internet (1996), with Mal Warwick and Michael Stein. He has lead dozens of workshops at conferences of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the Association of Fundraising Professionals, NTEN, the Convio Summit, and the International Fundraising Conference in the Netherlands.

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